For time:

400m run
50 DU
40 push ups
30 pull ups
20 box jumps
10 squat clean & jerks. (135/95)

(Baby shower 630pm at the NKY this Thursday!)

15 Responses to “Tuesday

  • Nice breeze this morning….still hot as all get out though!

    Scaled my c/j to 75#, used tall box, and did all DUs….time: 12:12

    Fun class this morning with Lizzie, Sarah, Mar Cus, and Frankie…..not to mention a little Bryan Adams when I came in from my run!

  • Thanks Wendy for the 5am class! Nice way to start a Tuesday! c/j 70#, single unders 🙁 Time 14ish.

  • Marcus
    13 years ago

    Its always a great day when you start it with some 80’s (Thompson Twins) and a 400 m Run. Wendy thanks again for opening up at 5 am great WOD C/J 135 # Rx’d single under’s, tall box time: 17:43. Nice to see you Frankie ( u rock man) and good job to all ….Liz, Frankie, Sarah and Wendy.

  • Stacy
    13 years ago

    18:29 Rx’d
    Not pretty time but used 95# and tall box. Struggled w/ DU today with a new rope. Great job 9am class! Kim you killed this one.

  • How many rounds…3?

  • Julie
    13 years ago

    Really missing CFNKY….Going through major Crossfit withdrawal, have never taken this much time off before. Mentally I want to do so much more but physically this huge abdomen gets in the way;) Great job everyone working through the heat and humidity and making huge gains!! Looking forward to seeing the ladies Thursday!

  • Stacy
    13 years ago

    Armando are you serious? Probably for you, you need to do 3 rounds…LOL

  • Rachel Rosing
    13 years ago

    20:02(?…not sure on seconds)
    RX’d with 95# and tall box
    My push ups were pathetic.
    Felt good with pull ups. Still doing them in sets of 3, but am getting back to the bar so much quicker.
    Jerk was heavy and did one at a time split style.
    Thanks to Chris Hamilton for cheering me on with the clean & jerk. Tough WOD.
    Day 2 no smoking. Ughhh

  • Hamilton
    13 years ago

    Awesome job 430 class!!! Thank you Ar and Linda for pushing me through the clean and jerks. Pukie almost came out today. Could not freaking breathe. Stuck around to watch the 530 class kill it on this one. Armando, that time is amazing with this heat. Good work! Your form was top notch Rachel. Good job everyone.

    14:36 RXd

    Oh yeah, I need to seriously practice DU everyday. Those took me forever.

  • I really like this wod…I think that with a better weather I can bring my time lower (to humid) hard to breathe…finally my running is improving!!!

    Time 6:47

    P.S. In a cooler day 3 rounds…no problem!

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    A few random thoughts after today’s WOD:

    -Is it possible that body weight moves are making me stronger b/c there’s more body to move these days? 85# SC&Js felt easy-peasy 🙂 but I thought 95# would be pushing it.
    -Never could breathe, but baby Santi is really pushing my limit as he takes up more space.
    -Focusing on not getting heat stroke makes for a much longer WOD than necessary.
    -Pull ups are still rx’d & might look pretty, but are a B!TCH when doing more than 10-15.

    Time=forever and another eternity…something like 22ish min. with Step Ups & 85# Squat Clean & Jerks.

  • Wendy
    13 years ago

    Kristin, you always make me smile!……Armando- 6 minutes, did u do the same Wod everyone else did? :). You’re crazy! Great work, man!

  • 11:33 at the 6:30 sweat fest. Lindsey and Evan continued after with a bunch of GHD’s and running. Do to their motivation I did the WOD a second time, but much slower. Gonna feel it tomorrow! Oh well, that’s crossfit…. LOVE IT!!!

  • Megan S.
    13 years ago

    Time was 20:?? Finished shortly after Rachel. Great job on day 2 no smoking Rach. Stick with it!!

    My DUs still suck.. I just have to keep practicing. Damn it….

    Great job EVERYONE! Love seeing the hard work and dedication even with this heat!

  • Adam F
    13 years ago

    11:10 and i was disappointed with this. I was hoping for sub 10minutes but not going to happen this time. Armando, you my friend are an animal! I couldn’t imagine doing that more than once. I’m still out of breath!!