5 rounds for time:

15 thrusters (95/65)

15 bar- facing burpees


Thank you to Paul for hosting the NKY pool party!  We appreciate you opening your beautiful home- we enjoyed meeting your family and soaking up the sun!!

13 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Great turnout this morning. It was a MUGGY, SWEATY, morning!

    I did my first round with 75# thrusters, then took off the over-ambitious extra 10lbs for the rest of the wod 🙂
    Time: 16:12

  • it was a sweat fest today! Scaled down to 65# and need to work on getting my ass lower. Great WOD…thanks Wendy!


  • Enjoyed working out with the 5am crew. Thanks everyone for cheering me on…I’m not used to these early morning workouts and it kicked my butt!

  • Thanks much Wendy for making today happen. Needed to get in there and sweat! Great WOD. Great early crowd. Have a great week all!

  • This was miserable on my shoulders and wrists after hspu’s, cleans, and front squats yesterday. I called DNF about 7 times. Finished in 27:21 Rx’d.

  • This one was a killer!! But I had a lot of fun with it!!
    Finished in 22:?? Rx’d. Great job 5:30 class!!

  • Wow! 2 bad a** WODs back to back have left my arms fried & my legs a little wobbly.

    25:23 with 65# but I don’t think I can claim rx’d with those burpees I was doing 🙂

    Great 5:30 crew to keep me pushing as always!

  • Wow – what a tough one. I scaled the weight to 55# after round 1. 18:31 for me. Great job all at 5:30!

  • Nasty….hated this one. Finished in something like 22 minutes. the only bright spot from yesterday was the inspiration i got from watching Kristin bust this thing out, prego style! very impressive!!

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