Burpee Day 100!!

Happy Birthday to Matt H. and Tami A.!!!



Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

Post number of pull-ups completed for each round to comments.

22 Responses to “Tuesday

  • I sunk this one up pretty bad last time. Teens in pull-ups on the first round dropped to low single digits pretty fast. Hopefully I can do better.

  • Stunk… auto-correct will get you everytime

  • Don’t forget 100 burpees!!!! Last Day – Congrats to all of us who stuck through this Challenge!

  • Karin
    13 years ago

    I sucked last time too Mark. I ran a lot but that wasn’t really the goal…

  • chrissy
    13 years ago

    yeah congrats to all burpee challenge finishers!!! This WOD is gonna be fun…;)

  • I am having a week off for a little rest and so far I hate it. Both Monday and today’s WOD I like. I am sure you guys will destroy this one. Can’t wait till Saturday!

  • Stacy
    13 years ago

    Crossfit Destin
    100 push-ups
    40 sit-ups
    30 box jumps
    20 push-ups w/ release
    10 L pullups
    100 burpees
    I thought I was going to get out of the final day of burpees but they found me in FL!

  • Julie
    13 years ago

    My arms and abs need a rest after my JT attempt yesterday. Being pregnant allows you to feel all the body parts working to support us through the wods, major core work even though we don’t always focus on abs. Great job Stacy! And to everyone completing the burpee challenge today.

  • bridget
    13 years ago

    I thought we only ran in nice weather?

  • This WOD is one of my favorites too. Unfortunately I have to work late for a boring conference call. Have fun everybody! See you tomorrow.

  • Kim D
    13 years ago

    Happy Birthday Matt and Tami. Congrats to all of us who finish the burpee challenge today. I can’t wait to get them done, so I am going to knock them out now (and pray I have something left for Nicole). See you all at 6:30!

  • Rachel Rosing
    13 years ago

    Not sure what I got each round…but 21 total, RX’d. Last night I got 3 in a row for the first time, and tonight I actually got 5 in a row twice!!! Interested to see the gains next time this WOD comes up.

  • More than doubled my score from the first time. Kipping pull-ups really help, thank you big bar.

    25-18-18-19-21 for 101 Rx’d

    If the weekly games workout has pull-ups, I think I’ll wait until Saturday.

  • Karin
    13 years ago

    Great job on your pullups Rachel! I ran just as much today but did more pullups. 🙂

    10-11-10-10-10-10-4 (ran out of time on the last round)

  • bridget
    13 years ago

    86 rx’d
    it was a good one for me but my hands start to fade faster than the rest of me. Nice day for a run after all!!

  • Not sure what I got the last time we did this WOD, but I know it was still with a band. Rx’d this time and got 42 total. Not fantastic, but it feels good to do 6-8 at a time and not require the box. Great to see Julie Newman visiting us again from SLC.

    100 burpees done and in the books – 9:04 for my time. Great job to those who stuck with it til the end.

    And happy birthday Matt & Tami!

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Last time 36 with blue band. Today 33 rxd. Conclusion…I still suck at running.

    Congrats Rachel! Hope you know there’s no going back to the band now!! Toni way to get those burpees! That’s awesome.

    Im congratulating Karin in advance for the muscle up she’s about to get 🙂

    And happy birthdays!! Lots going on at CFNKY!

  • Last time I got 64 pull ups. This time I got 90. Happy with the improvement. Need to start doing a few pull ups every day. When I was trying to learn how to kip I did them at least every other day. It was great to see everyones results today. Everybody that did the WOD last year improved a great deal. This crossfit stuff may really be working! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Matt & Tami….

  • Megan
    13 years ago

    This was my first time doing this WOD. I did 44 Rxd using a red band. It was a perfect day for some running too. I liked this one a lot although I would like to go the rest of the week without using my arms.

    Great job Rachel and happy birthday to those who have one today!

  • The workout this week will really weed us out a bit more. How about muscle up practice for Wednesday?

  • Kim D
    13 years ago

    There was a LOT of RX on the board tonight… amazing group! Way to go everyone!
    I know I will get there with the pull ups eventually, sooner rather than later. The running though… oh the running…