Five rounds for time of:
135 pound Back squat, 20 reps
Handstand walk 20 yards

Post time to comments.

Quote heard around the gym yesterday- it was 70 degrees and our sweet girl says: ” whew, nobody told me how hot it gets in here!”…….who wants to be the one to tell her about July and August? 😉

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  • This should be very entertaining to watch. Last week was the first time that I was able to flip into a handstand push-up without starting with my head on the ground. This could get ugly.

  • stacy
    11 years ago

    Five rounds for time of:
    95 pound Back squat, 20 reps
    10 wall climbs in place of walking on hands

    And about July/August…just keep your eye on the thermometer…70 degrees is nothing commpared to what is coming. I love it though, better throwing weights around outside and sweating off a few extra lbs.

  • stacy
    11 years ago

    Oh yeah and we get to see sweat outlines of our bodies posted on the site!

  • I love working on new skills! Today was fun – Congrats to Stephanie “Master of Handstand Walking” and Congrats to Shannon on her new 15K PR!

  • Jeremy
    11 years ago

    23:29 time…..hate wall climbs

  • 21:18, wall climbs were brutal

  • Not rx’d tonight (boo). 85# for the squats, and did wall climbs. 24:15 for me. Just glad to finish…

  • 95# back squats- all unbroken sets of 20
    Wall climbs instead of walking hs
    Time 16:51

  • Karin
    11 years ago

    Nice job Wendy!!!

    Fun new challenge for me and something I definitely need to practice before it comes around again. I did the handstand walk but it was very broken. Jeff and I struggled with these together. Good times!! Thanks to Armando for telling me to bend my legs. Too bad I was already so worn out that it didn’t help much. Next time!! 🙂

    Rx’d 27:47

  • Double C
    11 years ago

    Wow Wendy, Nice Job!

    Did the Squats at #135
    Did Wall Climbs instead of walking handstands. This is one of those workouts I had to keep telling myself “Dont worry about the time, you just need to finish it”. Before we started, I thought man those 100 squats are going to be tough! Then I started to do the wall climbs and those were brutal for me.

    26:04, great job everybody!

  • Sarah
    11 years ago

    Great job everyone! 65# on the squats and I’m not so sure what I did was considered a wall climb. But now I know what to pratice. Tracy…great job on those climbs, everyone of them looked perfect!

  • The handstand walks were harder than I thought they would be. My shoulders hurt so bad, I’m having a hard time typing this. It wasn’t pretty, but Karin and I finished them off. Rx’d at 25 minutes.

  • I’ll go ahead and put wall climbs in the “hate” column. Did this one modified (again….:-/)

    20 squats with the bar
    10 wall climbs
    10 pull ups
    10 pushups
    5 rounds in 24:30…barely