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  • 5 Rounds for time

    7 Dead lifts 115# (ladies rx was 155#)
    11 Wall balls 14#
    20 Step ups (subbed for box jumps)


  • 5 rounds for time

    7 Dead lifts 155#
    11 Wall balls 14#
    20 box jumps

    8:39 – Rx’d

    Great job everyone at 4:30!

  • Not quite Rx’d tonight. Scaled DL to 145# and did 12# wall balls (shortage of equipment – lots of strong ladies tonight!) Time – 13:44

  • Toni….Toni….Toni…..your time was ELEVEN…..11:44…..I know that because we were right there….bang, bang…..

    Rx’d at 11:36- lost a lot of time on those box jumps.

  • Modified DLs to 125# & tried to hit the 10ft. target on most wall balls (14#) with box jumps.

    Time was forever…15 something. Great job by the huge class at 530!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the CFnky expo in March 🙂

  • Not quite Rx’d for me tonight. DL – 145# and 12# wall ball (a little short on equipment tonight due to so many beastly ladies at 5:30!) Time: 13:44.

  • ok – my browser’s acting goofy and I didn’t think the first one posted. So I now have a total of 3 posts (counting this one) – Sorry folks! Thanks Wendy for correcting me on the time. I’m getting old, so I have memory issues (and browser issues)!

  • Did my 45 burpees and the baseline workout with some of my co workers. 3:5d. One mpr day of work in Manila then headed home.

  • I worked out at Crossfit Reston, VA tonight…..

    6 rounds for time:
    5 front squats: 135#
    25 double unders.



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