12 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • 21-15-9
    Power Cleans 85#
    Pull Ups
    Box Jumps
    13:46 – not as strong as my friend Kim today but it’s all about completion right? Great to see Julie back from Hawaii!

  • FRIENDS! Hope you all are well. I miss the NKY for sure!!!
    Ok, so new visiting times for ALEX SCOTT! I went to see him last week and he was SO happy to see friends and get to talk for the short 15minutes he’s allowed. I think there were 7 of us there. A great suprise! So please, keep the letters coming and go visit him if you can. He’d really appreciate it!!!

    Campbell County Detention Center
    601 Central Ave.
    Newport, KY 41071

    VISITNG TIMES (bring your ID)
    Tonight 6:20pm
    Thursday 8:50pm
    Saturday 1:25pm
    And next Tuesday 15th at 6:20pm


    My time on the WOD was 13:35, I think. Gotta focus on my power clean technique. Back to 5 am tomorrow.

  • Thank you for all of the well-wishes today….my facebook “overfloweth with love” and so much of it is from my CrossfitNKY family. This is our community niche, the warm, family, atmosphere where everyone is welcome….everybody knows your name, and you’re always glad you came- Cheers!

  • 9:35 Rx’d

    Happy Birthday Wendy and thanks for the motivation to RX this workout!!
    Great job on your pull-ups tonight Traci!

  • 15:14 Rx’d i believe.
    Mindlessly loaded the weight onto the bar and went to try a power clean realizing this WOD would be rough! Great Job 6:30pm class

  • 13:41 I think??? 65#, green band, and plates for jumps.
    Great crowd at 6:30 last night. Nice to see the earlier peeps hanging with us, and way to go on the pull ups Traci!

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