Hang Power Clean 3-3-3

15-12-9 Reps for time of:
Power Clean and Jerk (155/105lbs)
Pull-ups – Chest-to-Bar Men/Chin-to-Bar Women
Box Jump (24″/20″)

6 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Just the WOD I needed, beat the stress out of me!! 14:44 with 85 lb. bar, blue band for pull-ups. Great job everyone:)

  • Back from Nashville and have to work out all the sins I committed while there. I started off good down there and even ran one morning through downtown. From Saturday morning on though it was all downhill. Ate horrible, drank way too much…. bad, bad, bad. Felt good to get back in there today.

    Baseline: 7:07

    Took off over 3 min from Feb 3rd time of 10:48.

  • Had to modify a little, ok a lot, for my shoulder today. Loved the sled pull though! We should have a relay race with those.

    Time was 10:08 but nothing compared to the 9am girls! You rock!

  • Time: 13:13
    85# clean & jerks
    I believe this to be my very first wod with all regular pullups from beginning to end. Decent time, decent load-

    I wonder what that ole leprechaun has in store for us tomorrow!

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