Burpee Challenge Day #30

You’ll have to come on in to see what’s posted on the whiteboard today!

ALL CLASSES AS REGULARLY SCHEDULED, feel free to text if you have any concerns about weather or cancellations throughout the day

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  • To my lovely and beastly friends of Crossfity NKY,
    Sadly, I have to say goodbye ;( I talked with Lucas and then got the chance to tell a few of you last night but I have the opportunity to get certified (let’s pray I pass the test…it’s been a few years since I’ve had to take a freaking test…ahhh!) and train at a friends gym that just opened up. So i’m heading north a bit and getting my study on but I wanted to tell you all THANK YOU for welcoming me with such open arms to the NKY. U guys brought me up when I was blue and in a slump this past November! It was AWESOME getting to know you and call you friends. Believe, I will be back for a visit here and there and a wod and to check up on letters for Alex! For real though, I can’t thank you all enough for the support, kindness, friendship, guidance, ass kicking and FUN! What a family! Lucas, u da best!!! Now i’ll see u beastly’s on facebook and in my WOD dreams!!!

    love for life!

    p.s. Kim…”get it girl”

  • Boo for Meg leaving, but yah for a new exciting adventure for you! Will miss ya, girl!!!

    Sooo is the WOD not posted because it sucks that bad or because Lucas hadn’t decided what it was going to be yet, when this was posted? 😉

    p.s. my back/shoulder blades are really mad today about that handstand hold from last night!

  • Meghan I just met you but you are awesome! It was fun to work with you the past few weeks! You gave me a lot of great pointers and helped me out since I’m such a newbie still. Good luck with your test I hope you do great! It was great meeting you! Your awesome girl! 🙂

  • Kristin your back and shoulders hurt probably cause you held it for like twenty minutes trying to kill your partner! Aka me!!

  • love to all my ladies!!! Ditto to all of you! You’re all freaking inspiring and part of the reason I wanna teach this crazy stuff called Crossfit! RAR!

    Wanna go visit Alex? If so, you CAN! Just pick a date below, show up on time and make that boy smile!!! Oh yes and you can’t leave anything there for him but books so if you got a good one…bring it with you!!!

    Campbell County
    601 Central Ave.
    Newport, KY 41071

    Thursday Feb 3rd 1:50 pm
    Saturday Feb 5th 1:50 pm
    Tuesday Feb 8th 6:20 pm

  • grrr. correction! (and no, i’m never gonna stop stalking nky page 😉 ever!)

    Thursday Feb 3rd 6:20pm (NOT 1:50pm) and Ben and I are going at this time so join us if you’d like!***BRING an ID***

  • Ah megHan! Bummer for us, but so glad for you, best of luck!
    I threw in a few GHD for you tonight… well for me really but I thought of you! 🙂

  • So, tonight I learned that I actually like overhead squats! I thought I just didn’t hate them, but I believe they’re towards the top of the list with split jerks & squat cleans for me.

    15 rounds completed rx’d @ 65#.

    Just tried 20 back squats after that and made it in the minute, but it was extremely painful!

    Really hoping for canceled flights tomorrow so I can come play again tomorrow 🙂

  • MegHan…congrats on your new opportunity!!! Thanks for all of your encouragement over the past few months & for your great tips too! I have no doubt you will pass your test & achieve your certification!! Good Luck! We will miss you…take care.

  • 16 rounds completed @ 55#; A little disappointed with this, but like anything, I believe I did my best, so I need to be OK with that and keep trying.
    Great to see you Stacy & Traci (and nice job, Kyle!)

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