+Burpee challenge day 16+

WOD: For gym member only

Post time, reps, score, pass or fail to comments.

From 2011-01-17

Reminder for those of you who haven’t turn your money or your pictures in for the Paleo challenge, you have until Wednesday to do so.

17 Responses to “Tuesday

  • jarrett
    11 years ago

    what about those of us who are gym members and cannot make it to CFNKY today?

  • megHan
    11 years ago

    ok, so what are the stipulations for the challenge?

  • jeremy
    11 years ago

    Who are those studs??? Haha

  • Armando
    11 years ago

    3 rounds for time of
    1000m Row
    100 DU

    Time 23:35

    Day 16…done!

    BTW this isn’t the CFNKY WOD for today.

  • MegHan, the Paleo challenge rules are posted on the bulletin board on the way out..Take a look when you have a chance.

  • megHan
    11 years ago

    k. i mean i know all the foods are listed just wondering if any other stipulations like! i’ll check it out tonight!

  • megHan
    11 years ago

    k. i mean i know all the foods are listed just wondering if any other stipulations like! i’ll check it out tonight!

  • stacy
    11 years ago

    Passed all Level 1 challenges today except for the DUs which I think are still up for discussion. Even ran in the rain!

  • Melissa
    11 years ago

    Really enjoyed doing the challenge today with Jenny, Chris, Mark & Kyle! Finally passed the challenge with those darn burpees!!! MegHan..thank you for cheering me on & for timing me (& thanks to the 5:30 class for your encouragement too)!

  • I liked this Level 1 challenge – kind of reminded me of old school days doing the Presidential Physical Fitness test (only better). And I actually think I did better now than I did then – ha! I passed all but the double-unders.

    Fun group tonight at 5:30 – loved all the encouragement. And the tandem box jumps with Karin were the best 🙂

  • Chris C
    11 years ago

    All right, I have to come back to do the run, and redo the hand stand. Great job tonight at 4:30. Melissa glad to see you conquered those burpees!

  • Doug and I completed all of the level 1 challenges. Great job by everyone at the 5:30 class.

  • Karin
    11 years ago

    Those were the best Toni! Completely unplanned and perfectly in sync. Passed all the level 1 challenges. Great job tonight everyone!!

  • Kim D
    11 years ago

    Fun time tonight, thanks so much for the push through megHan and Wil! Awesome job by all tonight.

  • megHan
    11 years ago

    Fun stuff!
    1.) 40 consecutive push ups (1:01)
    2.) 65 sit ups in 2min (1:44)
    3.) 80 squats in 2min (1:36)
    4.) 20 burpees in 1min (57s)
    5.) 70s handstand hold
    6.) 15 55# thrusters (42s)
    7.) 15 14# wallballs to 10″ (32s)
    8.) 15 55# pushpress (20s)
    9.) 15 consecutive du
    10.) 20 consecutive box jumps (38s)
    11.) 400m run in 1:55 (1:27 = PR!)

  • Passed all this stuff like i was running a 40 yard dash against an overweight midget!!! My only bragging accomplishment was my 37 second 20 burpees. Couldnt have done that this time last year to save my life!!!! love me some CrossfitNKY!!!

  • Linda
    11 years ago

    It was great meeting, watching and participating with everyone at the 5:30 and 6:30 classes! Ok, maybe it took the 2 hrs for me to get thru most of the workout 😉 It was still fun!