13 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Squat Cleans x 5

    3 Rounds for Time of:
    30 Push Ups
    40 Sit Ups
    50 Double Unders
    16:22 yes the push ups are going to kill ya!

  • Enjoyed working out with Kristin & Chris! Way to go on the squat cleans Kristin!! Those push-ups definitely killed me – but a great workout!!!

  • Fun & huge 4:30 class! Melissa -great job rxing this WOD πŸ™‚

    Squat cleans up to 95×5 and then 115×1…a new pr by 10#s.

    12:25 rx’d for the WOD. I know I need to work on better ROM as the push up reps progress. They were tough!

  • Got this one in at home tonight, with Gunther’s help unfortunately…
    17:40 time, my single unders are coming back (still looking for just one double please!) and managed half of each round of push ups on my toes. Fran made those both brutal and ugly! Just ask Gunther…

  • You and me on the single-unders, Wendy. We gotta get this girl! Time: 10:30. Was happy with my push-ups, though.
    Squat-cleans: 45/55/65/75/85. Meghan – thanks for pushing me – I know I wouldn’t have gotten through 85 without the encouraging/coaching.

  • 155 on Squat Cleans
    15:14 On WOD and did Single Unders.
    Definitely need to get with the program on the Double Unders.

  • Did the WOD in 9:04. After WOD Alex, Jeremy, Doug and I did 100 squats w/135#. Hope we aren’t doing squats tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Great group at 5:30. Liking the new jump rope!

  • Did wod, no real time, did it at about 80% with 135-225 progressive back squat and front squat after.

  • Got to 115# on the squat cleans. Was too far behind the rest of the 5:30 class to stick with DUs beyond the first round. 12:33 Felt good to be back after a month off. The burpee challenge is going to be fun!

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