Complete as many rounds in 15 minutes as you can of:
Dumbbell Push jerk, 5 reps
7 Box jumps

Post rounds to comments.

12 Responses to “Tuesday

  • Julie
    13 years ago

    22 rounds plus 5 push-jerks, rx’d @ 25#db’s

  • jarrett
    13 years ago

    Paleo stew for lunch, tasty pic below


    Excited about the rain today, see everyone at 6:30

  • stacy
    13 years ago

    20 rounds – rx’d
    Great job Julie and Kim!

  • Rx’d 21 rounds……plus pukie………Nice.
    21 rounds seemed pretty cool, except for the fact that I was “move for move” with Lola and she was using 30lb dumbbells……girl, what are we gonna do with you?…………..send you to the games,I guess!

  • Sarah
    13 years ago

    14 rounds… I did rx’d 25# DB PJ (yeah!) but did a few rounds with step ups instead of box jumps. I’m getting there!

  • HAHA small steps Wendy!!! Great job ladies, there were was a ton of RXd rounds on that white board tonight. Super exciting!!!
    I got 18 rounds + 5 box jumps tonight with 30# DB.
    Followed by a burpee “challenge” which ended in defeat on my part. There is always next time!!!

  • Good work out. This one looked easy but was far from it.
    23 rounds rxd
    followed by a burpee challenge. 50 burpees in 2:02
    Thursday im calling someone out in a pull up challenge.

  • Armando
    13 years ago

    Nice work everybody!!!!I got 20 rounds with the pj and bj unbroken in all rounds.

  • Ouch…14rds rxd. Happy with it but I am going to feel it!
    A pull-up challenge? hmmm

  • megHan
    13 years ago

    18 rounds…i’m a puss. and alex, gaaahd you’re sooo competitive!

  • jarrett
    13 years ago

    22 rounds rxd. almost spit up a kidney.

  • Dude i barely squeaked out 13 rounds on this one. Absolutely beat me to death. Not sure if it was just the early AM that got to me or what. Not happy at all with this one.