Warm up:
Group Warm Up

Hip Mobility:
Squat with Band – https://youtu.be/tKQ8VpcDpkg (Each Leg)
Hamstring Drive Down – https://youtu.be/NgLd2um7Juw (Each Leg)
Hamstring Mash – https://youtu.be/K-wqmt0A7Bw (Each Leg)

Shoulder Mobility:
Bullet Proof Shoulders

Barbell Warm Up:
3 Rounds of the following:
3x Hang Clean
3x Front Squat
3x Should Press
3x Push Press
3x Push Jerk
3x Jerk

2x Jerk Drive + 1 Jerk  = 1 Rep
5 x 1 Work to Heavy as long as form is good, stay lighter if necessary

1 Min – Body Weight Squats
2 Min – Double Unders
3 Min – Push Ups
2 Min – Russian KB Swing 70/53
1 Min – Strict Pull Ups/Pull Ups

**No rest in between movements; Keep track of reps per movement for score

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