Warm – up:
10x Single Unders
10x Bells
10x Skiers
10x Crossovers
30x Double Unders

5x Walk Out on Hands
15x Spiderman Lunges
15x Lower Back Twists
15x Scorpians
15x Scapula Push Ups
15x Scapula Pull Ups
15x OHS
100 Double Unders

Rollout Mid Thoracic & IT Bands

Barbell Warm Up:
3 Rounds of the Following:
3x Hang Snatch Pull
3x Hang Muscle Snatch
3x Power Snatch
3x OHS
3x Snatch

Power Snatch
7 Min EMOM
5x TNG Power Snatch 135/95 (Go heavy, scale up or down as needed)

2 Min Rest

5 Min EMOM
5x TNG Deadlifts 275/185 (Go heavy, scale up or down as needed)

8 min emom
10/8 cal Row
4 DB snatch 55/35

Assault Bike
5 Min ME @ about 75%

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