Warm Up:
100m Run
15 GHD Situps
100m Run
15 Back Extensions
100m Run
15 OHS
100m Run
15 Pull Ups
100m Run
15 Push Ups

15 Lower Back Twist (https://youtu.be/EWav7uBO3oU )

3 Rounds:
3x High Hang Snatch (Squat)
3x Mid Hang Snatch
3x Below knew Snatch

10 Min E2MOM
2x Snatch Grip Push Press + 2x OHS
Start at approximately 60% and end at approximately 80%

Overhead squats 115/75
Bar facing burpees

Tabata HS Holds and Shoulder Taps
(Beginner do Holds, intermediate to advanced do Taps)

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