Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

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Pics from Monday night’s baseline wod!

9 Responses to “Tuesday

  • wendy
    14 years ago

    Glad to see Alicia and Mark jump right back in after vacation. That first day back is always torture.

    Time- 16:13 Rx’d- all OHS unbroken

  • Julie
    14 years ago

    Great job Wendy!

    17:36, 65# OHS and rowed 400m instead of running

  • stacy
    14 years ago

    17:02, Rx’d
    Nice to see more peeps at 9am!

  • 14:44 Unbroken

  • Nikki
    14 years ago

    55#, should have done rx’d now that I think about it..

    hey, 10lbs more weight and 45secs less time than before..woot woot.

  • “Nancy” is like that ex-girlfriend that I really tried to make love me but she wound up dumping me for some rich goofball and now I hate her guts because she made me run 400m 5x’s….not sure where that came from, but 20:47 Rx’d….which sucks!!!!

  • Kristin
    14 years ago

    WOW! This was an ugly one for me, but finished it rx’d. I even made Lola get me a 55# bar after the 2nd round-because I thought there was NO WAY I was finishing it…but I did. Thanks for the push guys 🙂

    23:16 was my time, which is 25# heavier, 600m longer & 1 minute faster than my last time!

  • Matt J
    14 years ago

    Okay so I have a confession to make. I never do the warmup as it is written down. But Armando forced me to do the whole warm-up and my workouts have been night and day different!! I have realized the importance of never forsaking the value of stretching and warming up. It gave me a 50% increase and strength, flex, and endurance!! Always, always, always do the prescribed warm up!! Nancy my first time 3 months ago was 21 mins and today my NANCY after my WARM UP WAS 16:27!!!! Major difference!!!

  • Nancy unbroken 16:04 I think ….. I improved over 4 min from the last time!!