21-15-9 reps of:

225 pound Deadlift

Handstand push-ups

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NO 0600 on Tuesday

Fallen but Never Forgotten,” a CrossFit Journal article.

9 Responses to “Tuesday

  • In an attempt to get off the HSPU box, I did HS :60 second holds between my deadlifts. DL were 155#.
    This progression seemed to work well. Time: 8:58

    Welcome Emily as CFNky’s newest trainer!

  • Karin
    14 years ago

    Got my arse whooped tonight by Alicia on “Diane.” She did ten pounds more and finished more than four minutes before me. Way to go Alicia! I did 155# a twenty pound increase from April. Time 12:something. Thanks for keeping me motivated to finish today Emily!!

  • Jessica
    14 years ago

    I didn’t make it to the gym today (darn there being no clean clothes to wear when I came back from a weekend trip). But…I did mow the grass. And I actually did it this time instead of letting the 10 year old take over. That counts for something, right? 😉

  • Great job today Emily!!
    thanks Wendy for holding my legs on HSPU, I would not have pushed myself so hard without your help!!!
    155# DL 8:00 for Diane. CFNKY is growing like crazy…. Super exciting!!

  • “Diane“
    21-15-9 reps of:
    225 pound Deadlift
    Handstand push-ups (alt. box)
    Good job, Jose in 1/2 Murph 30:57

  • Jason
    14 years ago

    Diane, 185#, box push ups, 7:53
    Form not the best on the DLs, but getting there

  • Julie
    14 years ago

    Diane was a killer for me today!
    Started with 155#, think I got the first 21 at that weight then stepped it down to 135# for the 15-9. Did half HSPU on mat and half on the box standing. My DL form was suffering today. 14:something

  • 9:35 225 DL and Handstands baby!! Felt good to crush this unlike Murph….

  • Stacy
    14 years ago

    Time was 7:3 something. But that was with only #115 and 2 mat HSPU. Lower back still has me nervous. Great job everyone.