Happy Birthday John L.!!!


500 meter row followed by;

5 rounds of:
11 Thrusters 75/55
11 Burpees (last round only 10 burpees)


100 Double Unders

Post time to comments.

The kids say THANK YOU! Kike delivered the donated items to the Children’s Advocacy Center in Florence – they were overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity! They even hugged Kike! CrossFit Northern Kentucky has been given a big shout out on their home page – check it out! Thanks to everyone who contributed and look for more ways to help support the Kids! http://cfnky.org/AdvocacyCenter/




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  • Jeremybarbour
    11 years ago

    Happy birthday John

  • Happy birthday sugar britches!

  • 21:30. Thanks to jeremy for talking me into doing the workout instead of just rowing. Good to see lots of people there very motivating

    • You will get more cardio out of doing the metcons than just rowing if that is what you were going for.

      • U r definatly right stacy. Today was good should have listened to ya before. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    • Jeremybarbour
      11 years ago

      I wasn’t trying to talk u into it
      I was warning u. thruster and burpees suck together.
      good job mike
      15:?? For me

  • Happy B day John!

  • 18:03 rxd…great job everyone!

  • Happy Birthday, John!!

  • Happy Birthday John!

    Great & terrible workout,
    13:59 rx’d +65#

    Very good work by the 9 am group!

  • Happy Birthday John!

  • The Luber birthday WOD kicked my butt. 14:59 for this one. My double unders decided to take the day off. Almost 4 minutes to bust out a 100. Couldn’t hang w/Kevin. Toni was killing it and next time Maddie can do my double unders for me. She was crushing those.

  • Happy birthday John!

    13:56 on the WOD. Good job 5:30.

  • Happy B-Day John.

    Thanks Lucas for letting me skate on it late. My time sucked itwas around 21 or 24 something I forgot. Thanks Kevin for letting me use your rope, even though I think my double unders are getting worse and worse. Great job 6:30. and thanks Carol for letting me warm up with your weights

  • Happy Bday John!!

  • Did this one at home….18:00. And so thankful that I can do my DU’s now. I’m also getting a little quicker with burpees….woo hooo!

    • My initial happy birthday comment didn’t post sooooo

      Happy Birthday John!

  • Better late than never. Finished this one in 15:34. Thanks for the tough workout John!

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