8 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • My workout today by the pool was 5 hand stand pushups and 10 burpees 10 rounds for time. 25:06

  • Got to go to a crossfit in philadelphia tonite!! Crossfit central city, ran a mile from my hotel then the wod was 20 shoulder presses at peak weight and 40 burpees for time. I did it in 4:07 with 75#. Super nice people and very welcoming. Ran the mile back to hotel at the end. Looking forward to getting back tomorrow.

  • Nice job, Julie- way to keep moving!

    75#Hang cleans x15
    12 purple band ring dips
    21 situps
    AMRAP in 20 minutes
    Total: 6 rounds plus 15HC

  • I thought the dips would give me the most trouble, but the cleans killed!
    First round of cleans at 105#, 2nd at 95#, the rest at 85#. Dips with red band. 5 rounds plus 15 cleans, 12 dips, and 10 sit ups. My hands are a blistered, calloused mess after that one.

  • Made up Tuesday’s wod

    AMRAP 20min
    15 Hang Cleans
    12 Ring Dips
    21 Sit Ups

    7 Rounds + 10HC
    65# and red band…purple band too hard, red too easy…progress

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