Three mixed gender pairs complete the following for time:
Row 750 meters, while partner holds 215/145 pounds in the Front rack position
50 Burpees, while partner holds 135/95 pounds Overhead
50 Thrusters, 95/65 pounds, while partner holds the Dip support position

Partners may switch during each exercise but repetitions will only count while the other partner is holding the required position. Each pair of athletes must complete all the repetitions before moving to the next exercise. The next pair of athletes may not begin each exercise until the leading pair has finished.

Time Cap: 22 minutes

5 Responses to “Tuesday

  • wow!
    I had a great partner.Row felt good, however after attempting the Front hold at 125#-went to 115-the rest as rx’d…tough one! Learned some new stuff today! spent too much time attempting! Giving it all on the row def. left little for cleaning to a front hold.
    Stacy did a great job.Great to see Bridgette.
    Everyone gave it their all!

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    Another fun WOD with partner Niki…managed 125# on the front rack, 95# overhead hold and 65# thruster.

  • Had the pleasure of working w/Thomas on this one. I think we came in at 15:20. Had to modify the weight on the front rack.

  • Thomas Hodges
    12 years ago

    Yeah Great job wod father A.K.A. Jeff I think we had a pretty good pace probably could have been faster if it wasn’t for me not getting that clean off the bat. I just choked up on it right after rowing. I stayed after did some cleaning to make up for it. I feel like my form is getting better and better but not quite there yet. Great job everybody was feeling this one no matter modify or rxd

  • Wow tougher than it looked. Partnered up with Bryan we smoked it at 14:36! 205 front rack 135 overhead 95 thrusters. Great job every body!