21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

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Yes we are still doing the strength  programming!!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday

  • Diane
    5:39- had an abmat so i didn’t “knock any sense” into me.

    and I always enjoy “story time” by Lucas-during cool down.

  • Awesome job Niki!

    1555 # Deadlift
    HSPU – 1 ab mat
    9:10 – I think

  • Unable to get up there today so i had to go to urban and do it. Rx’d on deadlift with a time of just a little under 9 minutes. It’s not the same doing it another gym, don’t have the family pushing ya

  • It wasn’t pretty but I was happy to get through the HSPU’s. Shoulder is making progress!! Rx’d in just over 10 minutes. Thanks to everyone who yelled at me. Kike, I”m sure you HSPU’s were beautiful.

  • 3:44 rxd in this wod. Disappointing…my last time was 2:55, I will have to get back in the groove.

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