Make Up/Skill/Rest (Thursday’s wods are posted on the white board)

December 22nd CrossFit Northern Kentucky Christmas Party!! Information posted in the gym.

Bring your t-shirt for the exchange. If you cant make the party try to give your wrapped t-shirt to Toni, Jeff, or Lucas.

Be sure to include a tag 

This weekend is the rowing clinic, Saturday 12pm. If you are one of the lucky one that were able to sign up, please make sure and show up.



4 thoughts on “Thursday

  • Whatever Doug. I pale in comparison to you. I was a few seconds over Kyles prediction. It was a gasser, followed by a pukie, some light headedness, shaky legs and a dizzy spell.

  • I’m sure Doug and jeffs times were top notch as always. When I got to the gym today I noticed armando had me in the cross hairs…I liked that buddy. You keep me pushing the limit of what my body can do. I also had you in my cross hairs for tuesdays workout. My time was 8:something. Love yah bud. Till next time.

  • MarCus Goal for 2012 being in Armando’s cross hair’s….I better shape up. Wodfather whoop whoop ….awesome time and a pukie you Rock Jeff.

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