5 thoughts on “Thursday

  • Great 5 am Class …thank you Chris for Opening “the box”. Lots of mixed workouts Becky did an awesome baseline …Chris and Phil shredded a killer AMRAP and LInda, Frank and I made up monday.
    My score was 6 rounds plus 8 DB snatches right arm 45# and 8 Abmat sit ups.

  • Chris “Thank You” for coaching us this morning! The place was fired up this morning. There was something really wierd looking when we pulled up this morning. Was that a Christmas wreath on the door? Nice touch!

  • Good Job this morning, 5am’ers!! Its awesome to see how hard we all work and keep each other going. Great teamwork!

  • Did the b’day wod today. My ADD kicked in. I stopped after 3 rounds, thought I was done. Came out of the bathroom only to find I had one more round. 18:12 Rx’d with a break. Great job by the 5:30 crew.

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