7 thoughts on “Thursday

  • I really liked this wod! Got 1 round in plus the run in 15:00. Thanks Coach Kim for being there for us at 9am!

  • I chose to do the weighted pull ups. Did a few at 70 lbs, some double unders, TTB and a few games of PIG with Brewer. Hey Tommy, I saw your comment about beating me by a second on Tuesdays WOD. Something about “who’s your daddy?” I’m certainly old enough to be YOUR daddy. Anytime I finish a WOD within the same zip code as you, I’ll take it. Keep killin’ it brother.

  • Hahahaha I love it Jeff! Keep working hard, I love working out with you because you keep me at me pushing my limit.

  • Did the weighted Pull-Ups. Managed 40lbs. I tried more… repeatedly…. Just wasn’t happenin’. Failed at 42.5

  • Ended 2 short of finishing the SDHP. I didn’t think I would complete a round in 15 minutes but I did better than I thought I would!

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