Rest day/make up day/ skills

Good luck and have fun to everyone participating in the Mudathlon this weekend!

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  • 3 wods going on in the 5am class this morning. Great Job to all! (Marcus, you’re gonna need to keep ice on that!). 🙂

    Frank and I did the level 1 team Wod. We worked well together and got 5 rounds of running, swinging the 53lb kb, and getting beat up with a lot of pushups!

    21-15-9 bur pees-back extensions-95lb front squats
    Time: 8:35

  • Managed a 70 lb weighted pull up. Did a mini wod, 21-15-9, burpees, back extensions and front squats w/135 lbs. A little over 11 minutes with a small break to check on Marcus. Drew of course killed this wod as did Wendy and Frank with yesterdays wod. Not too bad for 3 hrs. of sleep. 🙂

  • Marcus
    12 years ago

    Hey Guys thanks for helping me out this morning and Sorry Jeff for destroying your WOD time because of it. Did the Tuesday WOD with Jeff and Drew …. 21-15-9, burpees, back extensions and front squats w/135 lbs. Not that great of a time because of my little problem but I finished at 13:54…

  • I will gladly take a rest day. My legs are DEAD and the rest of my body is moderately sore. Lucas, I request you bring the pain tomorrow. I have no aspirations or hope of getting a great time in the Mudathalon, so I might as well do it moving like a 90-year due to tomorrow’s beating.

    I think we should do the Seal Team Six WOD again in the near future based on recent events (chopper down killing 22 members of ST6). Besides, who doesn’t love a 38 minute AMRAP?

  • Marcus, you didn’t destroy anything. I was more than happy to take a brief break. 🙂

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    Ok, what happened to Marcus?

  • Nothing major. Placing bar back on rack and missed one side. Tried to grab bar, which strained his arm. He’s a bad ass.