Make up/Rest/Skill Practice

Come on in!


Don’t forget Kristi’s birthday bash- Saturday night, details on the board

Happy 10th anniversary to 5am Marcus!

8 thoughts on “Thursday

  • I did Helen again today- Rx’d 12:02–fantastic weather and great wod with Frank and Marcus. Enjoyed watching Brittney take down Tuesdays mini-wod 🙂

  • Wendy thanks for opening up at 5 for a great Thursday morning WOD I did “Helen” for the first Time not a great time but a lot of Fun ..thanks Frank for keeping me going. Stayed to See Brittney doing a strong mini-wod Great job !!!!

  • Yes, THANKS Wendy for opening up early so I was able to make it in today. Dead lift 150 and mini-WOD @ 7:31? I think. Thanks for cheering me on Wendy and Marcus and Happy anniversary!!!!! You all did a great job and were good company this morning!

  • Helen at 5 am….Time 15:34
    Helen (again)at 4:30 pm…….Time 15:14

    Thanks for the encouragement early this morning Marcus and Wendy. Brittney didn’t mention that her awesome mini-WOD time was in some sort of slip-on, casual shoe. Way to go.

    Thanks to Melissa and Linda for keeping me going at 4:30. Nice job on your WODs as well.

  • Did the deadlifts tonight. 225, 245, 265, 285, 305. Didn’t do much of a mini WOD. Ran a mile on the treadmill, did some toes to bar and some pull ups. Miss my cfnky peeps. I feel like you guys are leaving me further in the dust. Keep killing it!!

  • Damn it Frank, slow your butt down! Wendy, I am sure you too are doing two a days. Sorry, gotta go. Room service just arrived with my bacon cheese burger, cheese fries and a Diet Coke. 🙂

  • I knew Helen would not be my friend today…I was right.

    19:20 rx’d.

    But I did get to work out with the coach & had a great cheerleader in Rachel 🙂 so I guess that helps cool the sting of that time.

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