5am Bonus Wod!

Rest day///Skills///Make up///Hand care… it what you want, we’ll be there for you! Come on in 🙂

10 thoughts on “Thursday

  • 10 rds. Pull ups were a struggle (ugh). Aside from that Awesome 5a.m. class this morning! Thanks Wendy for opening up the gym! Nice run afterwards with CC and Wendy!

  • 9 rounds complete with HSPU (modified) completed on my 10th. Great 5 AM bunch! Thanks Wendy for opening the gym for us – great class this morning! We’ve had a crazy schedule the last 2 weeks…so this helped greatly!

    Lucas miss seeing you!

  • Great 5am today, but now I’m ready for a nap!!!

    Liked doing that workout, and a great class this morning.

    Liz and Wendy, I really appreciate the push to run the after class mile! Thanks also for running with me the whole way.

  • Okay it’s not just the 5 a.m. class that has fun! At 9:00 it looked like Stephanie had a blast doing her back squats and Traci crushed yesterday’s WOD and then turned around and ran a 5K with Stacy and me for the 10:00 class – ( a totally hands-free WOD)! Tami and Christy as always smiled through their WOD’s too! It was a Great Day for the 9/10 Classes!!!

  • I keep forgetting to post this at the gym, but I’m having a Pampered Chef party at my house on 7/23 (Saturday) @ 2pm. All are welcome! I’ll post my address on the white board…sign up there if you’re interested 🙂

  • Back Squat 3 rep max 135#
    Got 140# x1…have had sore back all week and didn’t want to push too hard
    Either way, definitely got PR tonight…so woohoo!
    Being at crossfit always fixes everything 🙂
    Annnd…Good job to Melissa on her sprints tonight!!! She got faster with every run!

  • Managed to do tues.WOD with my torn up hands…they’re a mess. A big thank you to Rachel & Stephanie for timing the sprints for me & for all the encouragement! Lucas, thank you for pushing me to go for 135# on the back squat 🙂

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