Rest Day/Skill Work/Make Up

6 Responses to “Thursday

  • I made up Tuesdays WOD.
    3 rds:
    500m row
    21 burpees
    400m row
    21: something. I felt slow today but got through it.
    Great job to everyone who was in making up a workout!

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    The WOD I missed this week was Tuesday, but my abs aren’t what they used to be and the rowing didn’t seem appealing at all after 50 toes to bar yesterday!

    I did my first mom WOD today:
    Back Squats 75#
    Ring Dips (purple band)
    Pull Ups (which are getting much harder with my built in weighted vest :))
    Time 13 & some change

    Great work at the 5:30 class tonight!

  • Hey Kristin – Can I just say, you’re awesome! In fact, Kim Dunaway shared this video with me, and you should watch it. If this doesn’t make you feel like a total hero, I don’t know what will…

  • Rachel Rosing
    13 years ago

    Home WOD: 1 mile, 10 Rounds- 5 push ups 10 lunges 15 squats, 1 mile. 33:54

    Kristin, that sounds like a fun WOD…might have to give it a try sometime soon!

    Missed everyone tonight!

  • Megan S.
    13 years ago

    That was a great video! That would be awesome to try!

  • Don’t worry,Megan….we will!!!