Rest Day/Skill/Make UP



6 Responses to “Thursday

  • Julie
    11 years ago

    Made up yesterday’s wod with some scaling, 27:56

    subbed step-ups for box jumps
    ” single arm 20#db snatch for reg snatch
    ” 10# plate ab rotations for sit-ups
    60 single-unders
    purple band pull-ups

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

  • Rachel Rosing
    11 years ago

    Did “Helen Plus” tonight…which means you don’t pay attention and add an extra round. Oops. Good workout though. GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE WHO WORKED OUT AT 6:30 TONIGHT!!! You guys rock!!!

  • Jeremy
    11 years ago

    Nice job to everyone tonight.

  • stacy
    11 years ago

    Great job tonight everyone! Jeremy you killed it!

  • Jeremy kicked ass.

    OMG, I was enraged in the first round of double-unders. I think it took me 20 sets to get the 30 D/Us. Rachel suggested I turn around and face the other way mid way through the 2nd round and I did much better (still not good).

    Lucas, please give us a monster workout tomorrow that is high on effort and low on skill (ie no D/Us). Something with box jumps and heavy weights would be great.

  • Kim D
    11 years ago

    I was lucky enough to make up Wed WOD with the usual 6:30 crowd. Modified with plates for box jumps, blue/purple band on pull ups and single unders. 33:?? What a gasser! Made it through thanks to the group there to tackle the competition WOD chearing us on. Thanks guys!!! Great effort by everyone, and congratulations to those competing. Keep up the great work!