4 thoughts on “Thursday

  • In honor of Jeff being back, I request a horrific Hero WOD for tomorrow. I mean something along the lines of 30+ minutes of absolute HELL.

    What about Daniel?
    – 50 pull-ups
    – run 400 meters
    – 21 thrusters at 95/65#
    – run 800 meters
    – 21 thrusters at 95/65#
    – run 400 meters
    – 50 pull-ups

    That sounds like a fun one. Either way, I’m counting on Lucas to make me take Advil. Just knowing that Jeff will be tortured early in the AM puts a smile on my face. Missed ya’ buddy.

    Maybe follow it up Saturday with this fun “team effort”.

    “Team Trevor”

    In teams of four with only two people working at a time complete:
    300 Pull-ups
    400 Push-ups
    500 Sit-ups
    600 Squats

  • Feeling the love from the box! Ya’ll have fun with that one tomorrow! I will be thinking of you… Welcome home Jeff! You were obviously missed. 🙂

    Thanks for letting make up Monday tonight Lucas! Very happy to finally see some real improvement. I got a new PR on Helen, not great time but better for me! Woot woot!

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