NO 6:30 PM this evening

**Please notice our extended ours this Saturday.

FREE Saturday Workout bring a friend at 10AM and 11AM  and OPEN GYM from 12:00-2:00.
The FREE Saturday workout is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of you CrossFit experience.

13 thoughts on “Thursday

  • Slide on in today….we will learn the proper skill of shoveling and with the advanced laborers, we have a weighted vest for you! Hope to see you today 🙂

  • What was the mini WOD on Monday? I’m going to try to make up Monday’s WOD at home if it keeps snowing.

  • Kristin, it was 3 rounds of 15 med ball cleans and 15 kb swings (35lbs for women). After the three rounds, 50 GHDs.

  • OK, so this is in reply to me having one-up’d Kristin on the double unders. started on facebook but has gained some interest.

    Double Under Challenge
    2 min AMRAP of double unders

    post reps on whiteboard.

  • Just got home from work and Maddie was sad that we were not going to crossfit. She wanted to do a WOD so we did 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, burpees, push ups, sit-ups. How cool is that. 7:04 for me and 10:24 for Maddie.

  • Jeff, that is stellar! Glad to hear it Maddie 🙂
    I made up the 3 rounds for time:
    10 155# DL
    20 boxjumps
    30 lunges with 25# plate overhead
    Time: 8:42

  • Made up Wednesday’s WOD

    10 Deadlifts 225
    20 Box Jumps (step up’s) 24″
    30 Lunges (2-20lb dumbells)


  • Made up Wednesday’s WOD

    10 Deadlifts 225
    20 Box Jumps (step up’s) 24″
    30 Lunges (2-20lb dumbells)


    Then finished up with pulling Lucas and Doug through the snow with the prowler!!!

  • In case I don’t get the post up before you go to bed::::
    Friday 5am and 6am classes are cancelled due to weather…………..see you at 9am or later Thanks!!

  • sad i couldn’t make it today but i must remember rest days are good too.
    so instead: 18 burpees, 20minutes at “the beach”, 2 loads of laundry, a quick dusting of the house, an hour of iphone/itunes updating, 2 trips to the grocery store and lots of cleaning of dishes!
    Results: 4 spicy/smokey dry rubbed grass fed burgers, some oregano,thyme and garlic sweet potato rounds, a batch of “kickin” paleo tortilla chips, 6hrs of salsa,green chillis,tomatoes and pulled chicken in the crock pot and a cocktail!
    kinda love snow days!

  • megHan, you just made me really hungry..that all sounds good!
    Made it in and decided to do a 2k row. Couldn’t bring myself to do the WOD Doug did today, nice job.
    Time 7:38

  • I made up Monday’s WOD. Can I tell you how depressing it is to workout in your cold basement alone at 9:30pm?! Very depressing! I appreciate the gym & all you crazies (snow pics are awesome!) that much more after tonight’s WOD 🙂

    Hang Power Cleans 3-3-3-3-3

    Mini WOD:
    3 rounds
    15 squat cleans with a 10# plate (instead of 14# med ball)
    15 45# DB swings (instead of 35# KB)
    4:47 with my improvisational skills!

    I didn’t do the 50 GHDs because…well, because I don’t have a GHD machine. Looks like I’ll be making those up soon.

    p.s. Jarrett if I’m in tomorrow I’m in for the DU challenge.

    p.p.s. Meg…YUM!!! I had baked chick with homemade guac and salsa on it & I still want to make the “tortilla chips.” How’d they turn out? I do have leftover guac and salsa so, maybe tomorrow if it’s another snow day.

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