Burpee Challenge day 11

Rest Day/Skill Day/Make up Day

Enjoy the pics!

11 Responses to “Thursday

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Loving all of the pics lately 🙂 see you guys later for ‘fun’ and burpees!

  • Kim D
    13 years ago

    There can be two reasons for crickets on the site today (outside of Kristin’s contribution). 1. No one can lift their arms after yesterday’s WOD to post anything. 2. Wall climbs was the tipping point and everyone is scared off!! Well, I will hope for 1 and that everyone recovers soon!!! Pictures were great! Thanks!

  • Five rounds for time of:
    10 Wall climbs
    10 Toes to bar
    20 Box jumps, 24″ box
    That was not fun. Glad I did it though. Thanks for the motivation Melissa and great job Kyle!
    time 26:40ish

  • Chrissy
    13 years ago

    I didn’t get to do the wall climbs at the gym but I tried a few when I got home and all I have to say is YOU GUYS ROCK!!! for getting through that WOD. I’m sure next time we do that I’ll be able to do it with you guys! 🙂

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Made up Tuesday’s WOD:

    5 rounds
    10 pull ups
    10 ring dips…my arms failed me miserably using the purple band-which I used the past few times we’ve done ring dips & had to go to red-which was way too easy…blah.
    15 GHD sit ups

    First round of pull ups unbroken…finally more than 5!!! It was fun working out with the girls tonight-Meg, Traci & Melissa

    And of course, 11 burpees in sync with my girlie MegHan 🙂

  • megHan
    13 years ago

    Kristin. Beating me to the post. Love working out with you always!
    Tuesdays Wod
    5 rounds
    10 pullups (chin above bar every rep)
    10 ring dips (purple band)
    Run through obstacles across gym to ghd
    15 ghd situps
    11:52 (should have gone faster)

    11 burpees with Kristin!

  • megHan
    13 years ago

    I mean 10:52! Baaaaaaa!

  • Today I took the Level 1 test as listed in the new journal….(they should be here soon!) This was fun…rest as needed between events, I was in a hurry, didn’t rest much. It was a lot of quick bursts- nice, after the week we have had! Can’t wait til y’all get to try it-
    1. PASS 40 pushups in 2 minutes
    2. FAIL 65 situps in 2 minutes- time: 2:14
    3. PASS 80 squats in 2 minutes
    4. PASS 20 burpees in 1 minute
    5. PASS Handstand Hold 70 seconds
    6. PASS 15 unbroken 55# time: :29
    7. PASS 15 14# wall balls time: :24
    8. PASS 15 55# unbroken Push Press time: :22
    9. PASS 15 Double Unders!!! time: :55
    10. PASS 20 unbroken Box Jumps time: :36

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    lol @ “Run through obstacles across gym to ghd” because I did hurdle over Sean & Kyle a few times 🙂

    Wendy-that sounds like some fun! Can’t wait to try that.

  • jeremy
    13 years ago

    4 rounds for time:

    20 pull ups
    20 push presses 95#
    1 rope ascent

    Time: 14:??

  • Did the wall climb workout. 19:44. And about threw up at the end. Nothing about that wod was fun. Kings to you Jarrett u freaking crushed it.