Warm up:
3 Rounds
10x Back Extensions
10x Hip Extensions
10x Scapula Pull Ups
10x Scapula Push Ups
10x OHS
200m Run

Beginner: 3x Box Walk Around/Practice Kick Up to Wall with Partner
Intermediate: 3x ME HS Walk w/ Partner Assist
Advanced: 3x ME HS Walk Plate Step Ups

Strength Warm Up w/ Empty Bar
3 Rounds
3x High Hang Clean
3x Mid Hang Clean
3x Low Hang Clean

10 Min EMOM 1x Clean Pull to Knee (Pause) + 1x Clean
2x @ 75%

12 Min AMRAP
200m Finger Tip Plate Carry 45/25
20 Russian Twist 45/45
25 OH Walking Lunges w/ Plate
30 Russian style Plate Swing

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