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Why do we do this?
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We do this because we can. Seems simple, right? But there’s more to it. When I was competing in Football, cycling, or later Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I had opponents. If I could wear down my opponents or break their will, then I won. This took time, skill, strength, and strategy but if I could do it early then the rest of the match or competition was a cake walk. When you are doing a CrossFit wod or competing in a CrossFit style competition there are those athletes lined up ready to see who comes out on top but they are not your competition. They are there merely trying to do what you are there to do, and that’s to see what you’ve got. The real competition is you and those objects laying in front of you like a barbell loaded with weight or an apparatus ascending from the floor like a Pull-up cage. Those objects will not falter. They will not fatigue each rep and round like you will. The worst part is that they will only get heavier or more difficult each rep and round you do to the end. They are immovable objects. The reason you are there is to see if you can move those objects and be an unstoppable force.
This is really why “we do this.” We want to move something that refuses to move or quit. Everything we have ever done has been a walk in the park till now. We have overcome hurdles in life. We have crossed the finish line before the rest or made another human being submit to our will, skill, or strength. Now we stand toe to bar, stone, rope, or ball knowing damn well that this opponent will not show one iota of fear, doubt, fatigue, or concern for what we are about to do. When the round is over or the timer goes off, those objects will not congratulate us on our performance, for moving, climbing, swinging, or pushing them around. No, they will just lay there taunting us saying “bring it on big boy”, waiting for us to come back, and try to do better then the last time.
Not everyone has to compete. Those that don’t may have a different perspective on life or maybe they’re the normal ones. Those of us that do may have unresolved demons or just a love for pain. It’s a sickness really. That love for pain that will not subside. Kinda like when you take an ice bath, get out, look at the tub of ice, then get back in, but this time submerging yourself to the neck. You know it’s going to hurt but you want to see if you can overcome it. It doesn’t make you harder than anyone else. It just makes you who you are.
So, the reason I do this, knowing damn well it’s not going to get any easier, is because life for me is about seeing what I can do today, tomorrow, and basically until the end of my time. I compete amongst those guys that are going to do much better than me in those events not to see if I can beat them but to see what I am capable of that day. I want to see if all the training is making me better athlete to do things that someone else set out for me to do. This is my judgement, my gauge, my ruler. For me it doesn’t matter if I lose the competition. It doesn’t matter that I’m growing older each day, or that I’m smaller than my competition. You can use what ever label you want to describe me or place me in any category but it matters not. None of that matters. What does matter is to see if my will is going to break before time runs out. This is why I do “this.”

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  • 18:21— a little bit of this and a little bit of that…let’s see: 500m row, 25 box jumps,400 m run, 25 155# deadlifts, 25 14# wall balls, 25 35# kettlebell swings, 25 pullups, 100 SU jump ropes, 200m run backwards…………

  • Stacy
    14 years ago

    Made up the Lumberjack WOD today. WOW!
    155# DL
    53# KB
    75# OHS
    Purple Band Pull-Ups
    25# DBSC
    And all the other stuff in between…40:11.

  • Nice variety on this wod!
    500m row, 25 box jumps (steps), 400m run, 25 75# DL, 25 14# wb, 25 35# kb, 25 pullups (green/purple bands – no christmas!), 100 single unders and 200m run backwards. Time was 25 and some change.