2-3 min pike box walk

8 min EMOM (shoulder stability work)
3x complete the following every minute on the minute

  • first walk all the way out on hands until you can go no further and hold for 3 sec
  • then walk your hands all the way back to feet to be in a pike position
  • walk hands back out to full extension and hold for 3 sec
  • then walk feet to meet hands driving hands into floor and toes almost off the ground

Watch this video at :39 secs to :60 sec marker for example of the movement (Turn down your volume when watching)

Strength:  Bench press
70/5 80/4 85/3  90/2 95/1 x 3

20 min amrap

  • 5 pull up
  • 10 push up
  • 15 squats

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