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4 Responses to “Thursday

  • Today I did “Kelly”. Lola talked me into doing this WOD with her and half way through I was regretting it.
    5 rounds:
    30 Box jumps
    30 wall balls

    37:20ish I think

    If I had a choice I would do “Angie” any day of the week over “Kelly” because Kelly really kicked my butt.

  • Kristin
    14 years ago

    Oh, Angie!

    100 pull ups *did about 25 blue band *15 blue & purple & the rest blue & red…there was a rainbow assortment!
    100 push ups-about 75 on my toes & then went to knees
    100 sit ups
    100 squats

    26:22 (my goal was 28-so I finally met a goal 🙂

    I also had the pleasure of enjoying Invisible Fran! 1:58 (I think)

    Great work 5:30 class!

  • Randi
    14 years ago

    I made up back squats from Tuesday 3-3-3-3-3
    115-125-135-145-155×2. Almost made it! Great job on killing your goal Kristin! I’m missing tonight’s surprise wod but I’ll see everyone tomorrow 🙂

  • Jason
    14 years ago

    Angie was a fun one today. Green band pull ups, 18:36.