Rest day/Make- up day

4 Responses to “Thursday

  • Karin
    13 years ago

    Didn’t get around to working out yesterday so I had to get my butt out of the sand today! Did 10 rounds of 5 push press (with 20 DB’s), 10 double unders and 15 squats.

    Time: 11:12

    I’m kind of jealous of my husband’s ability to do double unders the first time he tried them. He can already do every other and that is with my $5.99 Meijer “speed” jump rope.

  • Julie
    13 years ago

    Ran 5-6 miles along the Spokane river, gorgeous scenery. Did 3 rounds of 15 jumping pull-ups on a playground set. Highly recommend Spokane for a visit if you like outdoorsy activities 🙂

  • Way to go, girls! Sounds like Crossfit is officially in your blood.
    My make-up wod was “Helen”……….plus an extra round (due to a little confusion)…..why not, right?

    This was the “Helen Plus”
    400 m run
    21 35# KB swings
    12 Pull ups

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Awesome you ladies are keeping it up even out of the gym! Wendy-everyone can use a lil’ more Helen in their life…right?

    My WOD was:

    5 min. of rowing for calories
    4 min. of box jumps
    3 min. of some kind of squats…I don’t even remember what they were called-but they hurt! 35#
    2 min. of wall balls
    1 min. of push ups


    I’m excited to have today off, but look forward to Saturday 🙂 See you all then!