CFNKY WOD-Posted on Whiteboard.

Saturdays at 10am Come Try CrossFit FREE!!!! We are open to everyone -regardless of fitness level . No need to call or set up an appointment! Just drop in for some challenging “fun”!!! Reminder-WE NO LONGER HAVE AN 11AM on SATURDAYS.
Starting in November Krav Maga will be offered at CFNKY!! Mark you Calendars!!!
Through out the month of October we will be offering FREE Krav Maga Classes for those off you who would like to experience it and get to learn more about this self-defense system. Stay tuned for Class schedule.

2 Responses to “Thursday

  • Did Tuesday’s Wod not sure on score.
    It’s either
    40 reps tabata mash up
    64 reps 5 min amrap
    10 rds emom
    54 deadlifts
    50 boxjumps
    10 rounds

  • Jeff Doug Thomas Bryan and Chad
    Thanks for letting me know what’s up.

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