Oly WOD-Rest Day

CFNKY WOD-Posted on Whiteboard

5 Responses to “Thursday

  • Jeremy
    12 years ago

    1 TGU each arm
    5 HSPU
    7 RDS w/50# db
    4 rds
    2 min max DU
    20 pull ups
    120,106,100,100 (16:??)

    • Thomas Hodges
      12 years ago

      Each DU only counts as 1 not 2 Jeremy 😉

  • Work got in the way today. I am not sure how Doug was able to workout without me? 🙂 Weekend can’t get here fast enough!

    • Karin
      12 years ago

      He looked lonely without you and finally gave up…

      • Now I feel really bad. Thanks Karin. Hell, he will probably have to take a week off to recover from the experience.