Rest Day/Make Up/Skill Work


800 meter run
50 Russian Kettlebell Swing
400 meter run
50 American Kettlebell Swing
800 meter run

Post time to comments.

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3 Responses to “Thursday

  • Make up snatch work-85# can’t seem to get past it-technique.

    WOD- (todays)11:44 runs felt good.

    mini wod posted after- 8:53
    Good job Dave and Deanna….i’m done for today-those farmer runs wiped out, what was left of, the rest of my legs!

    We have a team doing the Covington competition- if you can…. drop in and cheer on our team! They are gonna be in full BEAST MODE!

  • Bryan
    12 years ago

    Woke up with back spasms today, stinks because I was looking forward to this WOD. Looks like I’ll have to make it up tomorrow!

  • Worked on snatch’s from Monday. So much work to do. Did the Thursday WOD after in 10:42. Couldn’t quite hang with Dougie Fresh.