This week’s schedule!!!

It’s official,    here we go–

Mon-Wed  regularly scheduled class times

Tuesday we added a 2 PM class (This is Meghan M. “last” WOD at CFNKY come to the 2 o’clock for a very challenging WOD)

Thanksgiving Thursday:    10am only class

Friday (Black Friday):   11am,  2pm,  4:30pm, 5:30pm

10 thoughts on “This week’s schedule!!!

  • 10 Thrusters 85#
    Suicide Sprints
    20 Power Cleans 85#
    Suicide Sprints
    30 Front Squats 85#
    Suicide Sprints
    40 Deadlifts 85#

    (rx’d was 95# for ladies, my arms weren’t feeling up for it today)

  • I worked out at 2pm today and did the newly created wod “Meghan”

    400 m run
    40 KB swing (35#)
    400 m run (200 f-ward/200 b-ward)
    40 burpees
    400 m run
    40 pull ups
    400 m run (200 f-ward/200 b-ward)
    40 box jumps
    400 m run
    Time: 26:55

  • The 6:30 class was fun tonight 🙂 we did the Suicide Mission…

    I used 75# and I think my time was 13:5? and I think my lungs are still burning from running in the cold!

  • Made up the Suicide Mission wod today. Based on the fact that Adam said it was too cold for us to run outside, the coach subbed in DU’s or burpee box jumps.
    I opted for the DU’s.

    11:30 @135

    Coach was generous with my “time” given the fact that I flopped down on the mat screaming TIIIIIIMmmmme !!!! after the 40 DL’s. Had to jump back up and do the last set of DU’s. I thought a sub 11 time was to good to be true! 🙂

  • 12:52 for the “suicide mission” WOD today. I used 65# for all but the deadlifts – used 95# for those bad boys. Smaller group at 5:30, but it was all good 🙂

  • Dude that one was nasty!! I was given a gift of getting that one done in 15:33. I blame the double unders and the fact that I had to stop in between each rep of front squats to keep from puking. It was also very distracting after every rep Chris would scream “TIIIIMMMMEEEE!” even though he wasn’t even close to be done.

  • Good one.

    I was done alright…done waiting for Adam to get this wod finished. 🙂
    Jk man….this one, once again, tougher than it looked sitting on the white board.

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