Super Saturday!

**************Enjoy the Extended hours today!****************

2 bring a friend sessions- –-10am and to all, no Crossfit experience necessary, FREE!!!

Open gym from Noon- 2pm–skills, double wods, whatever

*Thank you Peter so very much for your coaching assistance while home on break.  Everyone has enjoyed sharing in your help, motivation, leadership and conversation.  You will be missed…..come see us ANYTIME!

7 Responses to “Super Saturday!

  • Thanks Peter for all your help on behalf of Kristen “you rock”

  • Good Luck Peter! Hope you come back and visit!

  • Today’s 10:00 WOD was great – reminded me of a similar one over the summer that I liked just as well. Great team of ladies with me: Maddie, Greta, and Ann.

    Thanks Peter for your help – great getting to know you!

  • After 2 classes and 62 people today (!!)…I worked out at 12:30pm.
    2 rounds:
    30- 35# KB swings
    15- Jump (pronounced- GET) over the box
    15 thrusters (25# each hand)
    20 jump squats
    15 push ups
    15 sit ups
    30 alternating lunges
    ….all to the tune of Jeremy and his “c’mon Wendy, you got it, keep movin'”
    Thanks 🙂
    Time: 10:55

  • Kim D
    11 years ago

    Great crowd and lot’s of fun today!
    Good luck to you Peter! We will miss you. Thanks for all your help!

  • Heard some people talking about the chili cook-off that is taking place today, Sunday, at Findlay Market. Just saw the info in the paper so here’s the scoop: It takes place from 12-3 pm and the OTR Biergarten is open!! Also, live music by the Voodoo Puppies (not sure what they are like but with a name like that… you can use your imagination). Also, for all you hot pepper lovers, there will be a session on chilies called, “How hot are you?” Sounds like a good time!

  • Chrissy
    11 years ago

    Thanks for all your help peter! Hope to see you again soon!