Here is a late Sunday post…………we’ll give the front page to Kristin today…..


It was an awesome Saturday morning & evening spent with the CFNKY fam! Many thanks to Lucas, Wendy, Emily & Alicia & anyone else who contributed to making it an awesome day!

Once again CF has taught me some things about myself & you all, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share them with you:

10. Armando should come with a disclaimer that says “no alcohol needed…results not typical”.
9. Work hard/play hard always meant something completely different to me until yesterday-now I realize that you can work hard & play hard away from an actual job.
8. I can convincingly explain to you why any food/drink counts as Paleo.
7. I can’t stop thinking about Wilmari & Karin’s cupcake food porn.
6. I haven’t seen you all work harder than I did yesterday. You dug deep and it showed!
5. Jeff is a good drunk, but a bad drunk arm wrestler ;)
4. I have come up with a good reason why Wilmari & Karin’s cupcakes are Paleo.
3. Alicia does a mean Michael Jackson impersonation & she fixed split the pot.
2. Matt likes it when Lady Gaga sings his name.
1. There has never been another group of people that I’ve encountered in my life that is more supportive, encouraging & damn demanding as you all & I’m a better person because of you!

5 Responses to “Sunday

  • Yes, the “thank you’s” are pouring in. It’s so easy to leave names off when trying to mention everyone and repeatedly we’ve got Emily and Alicia for the party-
    We also couldn’t have done it without Kim and her assistance with the additional rowing machines!
    Chris Crawford and Jessica Murphy for photos
    Armando for coming early and staying late to set-up/tear down
    Members for scorekeeping/resetting rowers
    Parent/family for your support
    Non-crossfitting spouses for sending your honeys out to Crossfit on a Saturday morning for 3 hours
    Members for your patience
    Crossfit visitors for visiting and participating
    …and most of all thank you to Lucas for creating the environment that we all enjoy so very much- CrossfitNKY is inspiring people every day!

  • I am still looking for the “like” button here… 🙂

    Awesome day everyone. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to surround myself by such fantastic peeps 3 days a week! Thank you!

  • Wilmari
    14 years ago

    Kristin, you are awesome! We need to go get some “plaeo” cupcakes for you 🙂

    There is no doubt that Crossfit NKY is a true family, I agree 100% with Kristin as I’ve never met more supportive people in my life as well. Many thanks to Lucas for this!

  • Randi
    14 years ago

    great post! can’t wait for pictures!

  • Another great post Kristin! You are awesome!