Attention all CrossFitters!

The CF Games Season is upon us, and CrossFit Northern Kentucky is happy to announce that in true CrossFit style the Sectionals are open to all CrossFit athletes willing to participate!  We will be hosting the Sectional Workouts every Thursday Night (Open Gym 6:30-8:30pm) and Saturday (12:00- 2:00pm) for 6 Weeks. We are open to all CrossFitters in the Tri State  area looking for a place to perform and validate their sectional WODs. These WODs will be judged. Range of motion and movement standards will be strictly enforced.

What does this mean for you?

1) When the games site opens next week, register as an Open Sectional Athlete (one time $10 fee; NOT $10 per workout)
2) During the registration process, opt-in for the CrossFit Northern Kentucky Team provided CFNKY is your home box. (No additional Charge)

a)  The team can be as large as we want.  So EVERYONE who signs up for Sectionals should register as a team member.  Don’t worry if you don’t think your times will be good enough.  The top 3 men and top 3 women will count each week regardless of how you performed the prior week or following weeks. You just have to complete all six workouts for your times to count towards our team’s total for Regional qualification.  So if you have a great WOD and kill it, but the next week, not so much…it’s OK; we can still use your awesome time, provided you finish all six weeks(Rx)!  The more we have competing…the better our chance to get a spot in Regionals!

b)  Individuals can participate as a member of a team and if they qualify for Regionals on their own, they can choose weather they want to move forward as a member of the team or as an individual. However, their performance CAN and WILL count toward or team’s position.
3) Each sectional WOD will be announced on Tuesdays @7pm beginning  March 15th – So the First Sectional WOD will be held March 17th/19th. Second Sectional WOD March 24th/26th etc….
4) Each workout will be charged in accordance with your membership…Unlimited is included in your monthly fees.
5) Non-CFNKY members or athletes will be charged a $10 fee instead of our normal $15 drop in rate. (This is an CFNKY Judging Fee not related to the Official Games Site)
6) If you cant make it to CFNKY for a Sectionals WOD you still need to perform the WOD to stay eligible. You can do this either at another CF Affiliate or take a video and upload to the Games Site.

Thanks to Atomic CF for the info and set up!

Click on this link to register.

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  • Happy 25 Rachel! you bring laughter into the NkY every time you walk in, glad you’re with us!

  • Rachel Rosing
    11 years ago

    Thanks Wendy!!! I love being a part of CrossfitNKY 🙂