Simply Saturday

It’s Saturday and you never know what you’re gonna get at CrossfitnKY- I think that’s why y’all drag yourselves down to the gym…’s rather exciting now, isn’t it?

Don’t tell Coach Lucas that I told ya, but I think there may be some type of obstacle course involved in today’s wod!

C’mon on down and BRING YOUR FRIENDS at 11am!

We will also have some t-shirt samples to look at, so remind us if we forget!

Friday photos

6 Responses to “Simply Saturday

  • Karin
    14 years ago

    Sorry I am missing this sounds like fun! On my way home from a great vacation. See ya’ll Monday!

  • Looking forward to you getting back in town, Karin.

    Keeping in mind that everyone’s definition of a “FUN” workout is different…I must say “FUN WAS HAD BY ALL TODAY!”

    Team wod with 20 people, at least 4 first-timers, and of course, another 90-degree day. CrossfitNKY- the best kept fitness secret in NKY is not so secret anymore!

  • Todays team wod was awesome. Whipped my butt, in a good way.

  • Kristin
    14 years ago

    Yah for Karin coming back! Hope your vacation was fun & you’re well rested 🙂

    It was an awesome TEAM WOD today that made me feel a part of something much bigger than just a Saturday morning workout!

    Great job Greta, Toni, Kim & Jody (my team) & everyone at 11am (the CFNKY Team) for not giving up!!! See you all on Monday.

  • Look forward to seeing you back Karin!
    Great (HOT) team WOD today. Everyone is always so encouraging, and to do a workout like this and come back for more to encourage us (me) stragglers through just shows how awesome Team CFNKY is!
    And “new girl” Jody rocks! Great job everyone!
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Saturday was awesome! It was hot & the workout tough….Best part about this group is that everyone comes to give 110%. When your 110% isn’t enough then you have support from those around you that encourage you to do what you didn’t think was possible. The true picture of this community is when the people who were already finished came along beside those of us who were struggling to finish & did more lunges with us…So love being apart of this group! Can’t wait for more next week!
    “New Girl” Jodi :+)