Silent Sunday

The aftermath of Fight Gone Bad 6…..most everyone is resting today, drinking beer, and watching football.  Nothing wrong with that, we worked our a$$es off yesterday.  Great job!

He’s a celebrity and  Sean Kallmeyer aspires to be like him,—-you may know him as the Wodfather,  Thigh Thumper,  Bakes, or maybe just Jeff…….  well, today is his birthday!

Make it a fantastic family day- we all love ya, man.





4 Responses to “Silent Sunday

  • Thanks for the birthday wish. It’s been a great day. 6 mile run, 49 burpees, a little shopping and now hunkered down in my recliner watching some football. See ya Monday.

  • Stephanie
    12 years ago

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

  • Happy birthday Jeff!!

  • Adam F.
    12 years ago

    Jeff is the man!! Happy Bday brother!!!

    with all these September bday’s this month i’m smelling a monster burpee day??