Saturday-Bring a Friend

What a fantastic turnout of “friends”-  Thanks to Karin for bringing Julie, Ashley for introducing Shannon, and to Mindy for both Chip and Jeff-

2 person teams- 1 person work/one person rest/then switch






Check out this Amazing kid

2 Responses to “Saturday-Bring a Friend

  • Great work today from everyone- nice to see people get out and get moving- we love Crossfit and hope you do too!

  • Armando
    14 years ago

    Great WOD today…great turnout…glad to see new people experiences CrossFit!

    Max rep in 1min of:

    Rowing 33 calories
    Squats 56 reps
    Situps 36 reps
    Pushups 54 reps
    Pullups 25 reps