We did “Team Cindy” today-

5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats- 2 person team= one person completes the round, other person rests, then switch.

Great job today Randi, Mindy, Emily, and Jessica

We had some great “Post-wod” discussion about the growth of UF, diet, tuf kids, and paleo

4 Responses to “Saturday

  • Worked in a team today with Jessica. The rest time allowed me to try my hand at Cindy with UNassisted pullups- I got 4 rounds unassisted and 3 or 4 rounds with real pushups, too.

  • Moses
    14 years ago

    UNassisted Pullups!?! Rock n Roll!!

  • Jessica
    14 years ago

    Holy Crud I hurt today! I can’t imagine ever being able to move my arms again at this point. How does one manage to go back to the gym within a couple of days to go again?

  • I understand Jessica, but let me tell you, you did a fine job.
    Everyone begins their journey from a different starting point and after not having worked out in a while, a short 10 minute workout can really take its toll. Many people will not be back in the gym one or two days later, for some it is more like 3 or 4- If you remember one thing, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO COME BACK! You must remember that you have already taken the first step- do you really think it will get any harder than all the effort you used just to get to the gym for the first time and perform that 10 minute wod(?). You did great and we know we’ll see you soon!