It’s Saturday, you know what that means….time to break down, show up and WOD with us!!
Free sessions today at 10am and 11am…..see what it is that crossfitNKY is doing that is making a difference in the health of your friends and family.

2 Responses to “Saturday

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Hope the party was fun & everyone enjoyed their Sat am WOD! I did a mini (but killer) WOD that has left my knees buckling!

    3 rounds with 25# DBs:
    10 thrusters
    15 jumping squats
    20 walking lunges

    Think the time was aroun 15 but really have no idea. Happy weekend everyone!

  • wendy
    13 years ago

    what a great wod you created and to stay so motivated, you are truly an inspiration to all!
    Today’s wod was fun and we had a lot of Saturday morning visitors! Yea!!
    When I pulled into the party, the cars were parked all the way down the street!!! It seems everything went well and Jeremy was given the appropriate farewell! 🙂