Free workouts at 10am and 11am- bring friends and newcomers!

Games Wod #3 from Noon- 2 pm

Roller derby info:
meet at the gym at 430pm or just be at Cincinnati Gardens at 5pm to tailgate. First game starts at 7pm. Lucas is picking up tix at will call when we get down there. We hear that parking is atrocious. Bring a snack to share amongst the group for tailgating if you’d like!

5 Responses to “Saturday

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Another fun fun Saturday WOD! Bridget was stuck with me again this Saturday, but we (she) breezed right through this one due to some serioud double under skill 🙂 It was fun working with you, as usual!

    Great work everyone who did the Games WOD afterwards. There were some amazing numbers going up on the white board today. I am envious!

  • what a fun time! the free wod had plenty of folks working out- thanks Megan for introducing your husband to Crossfit!

    The games wod was a blast!!!!

  • Great Job everybody today!!Great scores!! I am so proud of the hard work that you all put in. Fun Saturday morning, I got the pleasure to have Tommy as my team mate. If the guys cheated on the mini wod last night I think the girls cheated today 😉 Great job ladies!

  • Great job by everyone today. Looking forward to some bone crushing forearm shivers at the Gardens tonight.

  • Megan
    13 years ago

    Stephen did a great job for his first time! It was a great work out, as usual. And everyone did an awesome job with everything!

    Hope everyone had a fun night at Roller Derby!