Free woods today at 10am and 11am… there! One hour of your time today could change your life and your entire way of thinking about your pursuit of excellent health and fitness.

Make sure you see today’s Groupon ……it’s the Nutty Guys again!

3 Responses to “Saturday

  • Laura
    11 years ago

    Today’s duly monikered “Pet Rock Suckfest” was hard but amazing. Two rounds in 20 minutes…The bear complex is just as hard as it looks. Great job today 11 o’clock!

  • Today I felt like I was holding those KB’s for an hour. Very tough but fun Saturday WOD.

  • Kristin
    11 years ago

    This was a deceivingly brutal WOD & I was happy to finish 2 full rounds-well after the time cap, but finished nonetheless. Kim, thanks for not making me do it alone! Used rx’d 55# for Bear, but switched KB & DBs b/w 25-35# based on what was available at the time.

    Maddie-it was great working with you & the rest of the 10am class. Have a great weekend everyone!